90 minutes

These classes offer a gentler and slower pace that uses gentle hatha yoga and  somatic movement flows within the structure of a yoga class.  The somatic movements bring awareness to areas in the body that may be "stuck" due to aging, injury, surgeries or stress.  The gentle hatha brings continued inquiries to work with all parts of your full being.

With on-going commitment to developing awareness, the classes will include breath practices, balancing postures, meditation and relaxation. Leave this class feeling more mobile and centred.  Suitable for those wanting to do less traditional asana yoga but using movements to awaken not only the body but the brain.

 * Gentle Hatha Classes and Gentle Soma integrate both practices. 

Must be able to get up and down from the floor.



90 minutes

A mixed-level class offering modifications to accommodate those working at different levels. Welcoming those new to yoga,  experienced or some where in between.




90 minutes

For students who are familiar with basic yoga postures and pranayama. Continues to explore postures, breath work, and moving with awareness.



60 minutes

This class offers all the benefits of a regular yoga class for those unable to get down onto the yoga mat (floor) with ease. The yoga postures have been adapted to utilize the chair as both a prop and support. Chair yoga can be both dynamic or gentle and can offer a challenge without stressing the body. Suitable for those dealing with conditions including joint replacement, fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinsons, arthritis or anything that limits mobility or ease in the body.




75 minutes

A  series for the complete beginner that explores basic hatha yoga postures (asanas), breath awareness and relaxation to create a foundation and confidence to move into a gentle or general level yoga class. The class honours each unique body that participates with a mindful gentle based approach!


75 & 90 minutes 

Yin Yoga is an inwardly drawn practice of seated and reclining asanas that are held for 3 - 5 minutes and focuses on area from knees to navel ( the hips, pelvis and lower spine). The longer held poses stimulate connective tissues (ligaments, fascia and soft tissue) which helps to create more flexibility in the joints than a traditional "yang"  practice which generally focuses on rhythmic, repetitive movements to stress the fibers of the muscles.

The yoga postures found in a yin practice can also be beneficial to the body as a whole  due to the effects on the meridians of the body as found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A Yin yoga class is a welcomed complement to a more "yang" or active style of yoga or athletics that emphasize the lengthening and contracting of the muscles.

Some yoga experience is suggested.




90 minutes 

This Yin & Hatha (Yang) Mix class combines the cooling, meditative practices of Yin with the warmer practices of Yang movement.  This class will be a balance of effort and ease as it integrates a practice for opening and lengthening the yin tissues of the body, with yang movement to awaken energy (Qi) and free tension in the yang tissues. Yin and Hatha practice incorporates both the warm & cool, male & female, sun & moon and allows the student to explore the sensations particular to each practice.

 Some yoga experience is suggested.


MOVE WITH EASE ~ On-Going Somatic Explorations 

60 minutes 

Minimize pain, release muscular holding and gain greater awareness of your body in this series using Hanna Somatic Exercises.  Relearn control over muscles that have forgotten to release  or relax due to postural issues, injury or stress.  Simple and accessible  movements can enable you to create a more easeful body whether it be in  your walking, running, pilates, yoga, sports or just day to day movement. These exercises are done on the floor. 



CAT STRETCH SERIES (Basics of Somatic Exercises)

60 minutes

A program introducing a basic hanna somatic exercises to awaken all sides of the body. These simple movements can facilitate major changes through awakening areas of SMA (Sensory Motor Amnesia) and allow the body to find a more integrated way of movement. This series gives participants to the basic knowledge to move into the other somatic classes with a firm understanding of the movement principles. It also creates a short movement program to continue at home for 8-12 minutes of time.  For anyone wanting to get out of pain. Although these movements can be adapted for chair, the class is done primarily on the floor. 



90 minutes 

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy modality that is based on the idea that all things have a life energy flowing through them. When we are healthy and balanced our life energy is high and as a result we are more at ease and more resilient to illness and stress. When our energy gets low we tend to be affected by the stress and are more prone to illness.

Together with Restorative yoga this healing practice together promotes relaxation and healing.  Reiki helps to remove energetic blockages and bring balance to your chakras. This beautiful practices helps to still the mind and improves the bodies capacity for healing and balancing.


60 minutes

A movement class utilizing our popular Low Back Care program principles to get you back on track. This is a great review to give you confidence to participate in your  



60 minutes

Learn a set of Qigong exercises that places emphasis on synchronizing the 18 movements with proper breathing techniques. It is a gentle, beautiful and flowing Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. Taiji Qigong Shibashi is designed to improve the general health and wellbeing of the practitioner and are suitable for people of all ages as it does not put too much stress on muscles and joints if done correctly and can be practiced sitting or standing. It is practiced around the world by over 10 million people, and is considered a national health exercise in Malaysia and Indonesia.


75 minutes 

A series that introduces participants to yoga techniques for overcoming generalized low back pain and building a foundation to create a healthy low back.  The program focuses on both stretching and strengthening the low back while developing an awareness of the deep core muscles for support. Each week builds on the previous week and progresses to more challenging options.

Learn tools for creating core support, relaxation and a developing a greater sense of well-being. This program was used in two National Institutes of Health (NIH) studies in the USA. Participants of the study experienced significant reduction of pain over a 12 week period (with regular practice).

Participants may purchase The Essential Low Back Program Book and CD for home practice (with 5 hours of practice on disc) from the instructor if desired for an additional cost.

Note: This program may help alleviate chronic low back pain, tension, mild scoliosis and sacroiliac conditions. It is not appropriate for people with serious structural conditions or who have had recent back surgery.




60 minutes

Not sure what class you'd like to join? The sampler series gives a one hour experience of 5 different classes offered at the studio which includes: hatha, yin, restorative, and move with ease somatics.  See what feels best and join in for the rest of the session.


75 minutes 

This new mixed class integrates a meditative Yin practice with somatic explorations.  Through quiet inward focused awareness you can notice the minutia of "being".  This class will leave you free of tension, aware and close to bliss.




75 or 90 minutes

Restorative yoga may be referred to as active relaxation. Restorative poses are poses of "being" rather than "doing". The yoga poses are based on traditional yoga movements and may be held from 3 - 20 minutes dependent upon asana. The body is placed in a supportive environment using props (bolsters, blankets, blocks & straps). to help relieve the muscles and bones from their roles of support and action which then allows the nervous system to send fewer messages and become quieter.

Restorative yoga is beneficial for times when you are stressed from daily life, fatigued, when recovering from illness or injury or for times before, during and after major life events.

Please bring a yoga mat and 2 blankets.
Class size is limited to 8 participants.

40 Days to Enlightened Eating

90 minutes

A series for anyone wanting to nurture their spirit, nourish their body and develop mindful awareness in their life. With group support we will take a 40 Day journey of optimal eating based on the the healing sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda for health, energy & vitality.  Lighten your body, mind and spirit as you  discover the best way to eat, exercise and practice yoga relative to one's Ayurvedic constitution. Classes consist of discussion, recipes, handouts and daily support and culminates with an enlightened meal in celebration of our 40 Days.

This series is based on the the book & course developed and written by Elise Edmonds Cantrell, author of 40 Days to Enlightened Eating. Course fee includes book & supplies. 




75 minutes

Begin to develop a skillful approach to recognize patterns that keep us stuck. Learn to differentiate the reacting state to responding mode while understanding your minds fluctuating states. The road to letting go and being in the present moment. 

SUN & MOON FLOWS  (Surya & Chandra Namaskars)

75 minutes

A 4 week series explores gentle variations of the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra) Salutations while making these vinyasas safe and enjoyable for your body. All levels. 





60 minutes

Yoga Nidra is often called "yogic sleep". It is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs. A variety of techniques are often used to help aid in relaxation including guided imagery and body scanning. This practice is beneficial and on-going practice offers cumulative benefits. If you can lay down on the floor, you can do this practice. 

Bring your own blanket or use one of ours. Who doesn't need an hour of time to unwind and reset?



The YAMAS & NIYAMAS: Mind & Movement

90 minutes 

A focused class to explore the 1st and 2nd Limb of the 8 Fold Path of Yoga - The Yamas & Niyamas, using asana, reflection and discussion. How can we take this ethical guideline of observing our relationship to ourselves, others and our practice, both on and off the mat? Guided by the work of Deborah Adele's The Yamas & Niyamas.