Intro to Buddhist Principles 101 

75 minutes

A short series to demystify Buddhist concepts and to work towards cultivating skills for a self-reflective, contemplative practice moving towards optimal health. The course will look at the Four Noble Truths, the Eight Fold path and include a short meditative "sit" at end of the class. 



Present Moment Meditation Series

75 minutes

A meditation gathering that provides support and group energy fora meditation practice. Each week introduces a focus and discussion followed by a meditation "sit". Suitable for those curious, with experience or as a followup to the Foundations course. 


Foundations of Meditation

75 minutes

A 4 week session that provides a foundation for developing a meditation practice. Each week Jane will introduce a new concept, meditation focus, guided or silent meditation and time for discussion. Whether you are curious about meditation or struggling with maintaining a practice, this class is accessible to all. Handouts will be given.